Evolution in the School System Essay

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Evolution in the School System

The debate over the teaching of evolution in schools has been an ongoing issue. It first came to the public’s attention in 1925 during the legendary trial Scopes v. State of Tennessee., also known as the Scope’s Monkey Trial. During that time, a young science teacher from Tennessee was on trial for teaching evolution in his classroom despite the state’s constitution stating that only creationism be taught. After much debate and deliberation, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of John Scopes, giving teachers throughout the state the freedom to openly teach evolution to their classroom (Farris 163). Much legislation has been passed since that trial, to either ban evolution, or further its
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As a student at Bronx High School of Science in New York, Jerry Won is frustrated at the teaching of evolution alleging that “[teachers] teach evolution as fact” (Carnes 3) and “never teach the flaws [in the Darwinian theory].” (Carnes 3). Similarly, in a survey given to 23 high school students, only one subject felt that humans “gradually evolved into intelligent human beings” (Dunn). Indeed the evolution theory contains many fallacies. According to Doctor Duane Gish “the probability of a protein of only 50 amino acids forming by chance would be one to the 65th power” (Gish 23). This statistic would make the idea that life arose by chance an impossibility. Also, “the rate of destruction ...of amino acids by ultraviolet light or electrical discharges far exceeds their rate of formation” (Gish 23). This is like trying to construct a building with someone going behind the builder and knocking down all of the boards that have previously been put into place. Evidence of the false theory of evolution can also be seen in the data gathered from space. Recent scientific study has concluded that the moon is slowly pulling away from the earth at a very steady rate. If the moon has been pulling away from the earth at a steady rate, it would have been so close to the earth at the dawn of time, that survival of almost anything would have been impossible due to the large
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