Evolution of Accounting Thought

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Eldon S. Hendriksen and Michael F. van Breda, Four Thousand Years of Accounting, Chapter 2 of Accounting Theory, 5th edition, Irwin, 1992 Accountancy, from Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accounting. Retrieved January 20, 2011.
Contents of lecture notes: 1. Introduction 2. Why bother with the history of accounting? 3. The beginnings 4. So what is ‘accounting’ (or ‘accountancy’)? 5. Double-entry accounting 6. Why double-entry accounting? 7. The period 1500 to 1800 8. The period 1800 to 1955 9. The period 1955 to 1970 10. The period 1970 to the present 11. The Conceptual Framework Project 12. Summary of developments over the period 1800 to the present 13. Emergence of the profession 14. Legislation 15. The industrial revolution 16.
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Kumarasinghe, 2010) are from Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Inscriptions in Anuradhapura: Wages of monastery servants

Inscriptions in Polonnaruwa – Donations from tax “I, Thalatha Lakshmi, daughter of Sangha, the revenue officer of Mahagama, donated for the welfare of Harayada temple, one kiriya of the paddy field called Paraha in Harayada belonging to my family, all that I receive as one tax out of the three taxes for this village, as well as my share of meat tax for hunting peacocks and deer , as well as my share of the tax equal to amount of paddy sown and my share of family's tenure rights as one of twin cultivators." (Kokebbe inscription - 141 AD)

Inscriptions in Anuradhapura: recording Donations

Inscriptions in Polonnaruwa: King’s Governance

Though Sri Lankan history is more than 2,600 years old, the significance of the archaeological findings in terms of accounting history has not been much investigated. This poem draws researchers’ attention to that area of study.

A counting history Beyond a thousand years Somewhere in the far away East People had carved on stones Their earnings, taxes, expenses Lying long under the earth Quadrant pillars and slabs Saved and secured imprints Survived like gold and gems Proud West tossed into the bin By Enrons and Worldcoms Pacioli wasn’t brawny enough To make those barons liable The wind has started blowing In the opposite direction Awakened spirits in shrines Unearthed the inscribed stones Scholars in developed
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