Evolution of Fairy Tales and Their Changing Influences on Children

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Introduction ‘Seas of story’ is how Marina Warner refers to the world of fairy tales. The fairy tales world is a vast field of study which many scholars have tried to exhaust with minimum success. Scholars have spent a lifetime trying to understand the history of fairy tales only to realize they have only dipped their toes in the vast sea. Fairy tales origin dates back to thousands of years ago. Fairy tales have fantasy creatures like fey, goblins, talking animals, trolls, elves, faeries, witches and giants. As the word fairy means in Latin, enchantments and events that are usually farfetched comprise the story. They are not always realistic
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They all want to be associated with the good deeds and not the evil deeds. The fairy tales exhibit timelessness in their narration. They start with ‘Once upon a time’ and end with ‘happily ever after’ signifying no end or beginning. Through this timelessness there is a belief that ones dreams can be fulfilled at one time. There is no ideality in most of the characters. For example, every girl wants the prince, every boy wants the heroine and all the stories have a happy ending. The prince has no character and rarely shows his emotions. In the fairy tale his only role is to rescue the heroine. In the fairy tale of Rapunzel, the prince is walking through the forest, hears a beautiful song and knows how to climb through to the girl. After getting blind, he wanders deep into the forest and appears in the desert where they meet again Rapunzel. This is not realistic in any manner. He is just in the script to rescue the heroine and marry her giving her a beautiful and good life. Each of the told tales is traceable to an oral tradition thus becoming impossible for the fairy tales to be dated. These stories were transcribed by different individuals during the centuries before the twentieth century. The stories have different plots but they happen to share some features. Cinderella has similar key plot points and but different the only differences are those brought about by ethnic and geographical
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