Evolution of Fairy Tales and Their Changing Influences on Children

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Introduction ‘Seas of story’ is how Marina Warner refers to the world of fairy tales. The fairy tales world is a vast field of study which many scholars have tried to exhaust with minimum success. Scholars have spent a lifetime trying to understand the history of fairy tales only to realize they have only dipped their toes in the vast sea. Fairy tales origin dates back to thousands of years ago. Fairy tales have fantasy creatures like fey, goblins, talking animals, trolls, elves, faeries, witches and giants. As the word fairy means in Latin, enchantments and events that are usually farfetched comprise the story. They are not always realistic and
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It is characterized by animations like Rango and Puss in Boots. The main objective and influence the fairy tales have on young kids is entertainment. But that is not merely what the stories are for, they also carry hidden meanings and messages which when decoded they have major influence to the children’s lives. These insights are all about morals and behaviors signifying that good deeds are to be rewarded while bad deeds are to be punished. Gender stereotyping is evident and displayed greatly in most of the fairy tales with stereotyping varying across different classes and increasing as the class goes higher. According to Sylvia D Hoffert, gender ideal is defined as characteristics cluster, different behavioral patterns that the community expects men and women to meet in the society(Grimm, 1963). They are the cultural expectations that should be met by both genders. Generally in almost all fairy tales the heroine is beautiful and a morally upright girl. She has other qualities that make her famous in the society to an extent that the prince, kings from other lands and also of her land cannot resist. She is also naïve and sometimes foolish and cannot figure any way of saving herself apart from waiting. This is also depicted in the fairy tale “Rapunzel” where the witch hides her beautiful adopted daughter from the rest of the world. At other times (minimal) the villain is female. In these tales she is
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