Evolution of Gender Roles

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Gender roles have changed immensely in the United States throughout the last century, especially within society. Men and women were viewed differently back in the 1900s as two separate genders and having two separate roles to live by as compared to men and women in the 21st century. Women in the early 1900s were expected to stay home to cater for her husband’s needs while they went to work, or in most homes, were away to serve at war. Men had all the privileges women could not have or do. Women did not have the right to vote, limited rights to property and divorce; it was as if men and women were living segregated lives as black and white people lived. Living in a home of double standards, I disagree with the idea of patriarchy, I…show more content…
Sexual liberation originally started amidst college-hippies and gradually spread out to the rest of America, this was caused by women’s change and curiosity of sexuality and the freedom for sexual expression. With people exploring sexual preferences, the birth of the lesbian and gay movement was created along with other outcomes of the sexual revolution. In conclusion, the revolution gave people two ways of viewing sexuality; first was giving the image of effort in sexual research and overture with birth control. The other side of sexual revolution was seen by the men and women, whose behaviors were out of line, expressed their sexual desires through media and sold their bodies by means of pornography. How did people manage to prevent procreation during the sexual revolution? Some did not do anything and let nature take its course thus the time “baby-boomers” came to exist. Others did not want to take the risk of conception happening so they became dependent of the birth control pill or “the pill” for short. The birth control pill was claimed to be the reason for the start of the sexual revolution. The act of having sex now is not seen as such a big deal as it was in the 1960s, everyone is doing it and birth control is saving their lives. Some women have other excuses for the use of the pill such as acne control, but I beg to differ. The birth control pill was a device conservatives feared of, they knew that using the pill women
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