Essay about Evolution of Goaltending in the NHL

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Today, the term hockey describes differing games in various parts of the world, but specifically in North America it refers to as ice hockey. In its origin, hockey is one of the oldest games played. The earliest mention of the sport of hockey dates back to 1572, when it was on a list of prohibited games. Hockey's birthplace is believed to be in Asia and authorities credit Persia with having devised it about 2000 BC. People who perfected the game of polo must have known "hockey on the ground" before "hockey on horseback". Certainly though ice hockey originated in Canada. Two theories have surfaced as to who really came up with ice hockey.
The first credits English soldiers serving with the Royal Canadian Rifles at
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Four teams took part in the first season: the
Montreal Canadians, the Wanderers, the Ottawa Senators and the Toronto Arenas. Then two more teams were added making the NHL a six team league; the Blackhawks and the Detroit Red Wings. In the 60's the NHL decided to expand the organization which was limited to six teams and added another six teams making 12 in all and opening doors for more players to became part of the great league. As the NHL grew into a prosperous league, the game changed from year to year because of expansion and rule changes so players had to adapt, especially the goalies!

The game of ice hockey is played with 12 players on a 200 feet by 80 feet battlefield of ice. Each team has five players and a goalie; there are three forwards and two defensemen who form the setup of players of that play the game of hockey. And then there are goaltenders, the most important position on the ice. Suited up in their equipment, they are the most essential part of an ice hockey team. But the position of goaltending has really evolved from when hockey was originated or even since the formation of the NHL. Many different parts of the position have evolved over the years; the equipment used, the physical and mental abilities of the goaltenders, the style of play, and the rule changes of the NHL which have forced goalies to change the way they play their game. In the early years, goalies were not very well protected. Having to stop frozen discs of

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