Evolution of Guy Montag

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Evolution of Guy Montag

The novel Fahrenheit 451 is an acclaimed depiction of a dystopian world that employs firemen to destroy literature and the printed word. The protagonist, Guy Montag, faces internal as well as external conflicts during the novel. His character is constantly evolving throughout the course of the text. Fahrenheit 451 is essentially a bildungsroman due to the fact that the protagonist is so dynamic in character and continually changing.
A bildungsroman is a novel in which the moral and psychological growth of the protagonist is depicted from the genesis to the denouement of the given work. At the onset of the novel Montag is a rule following conformist. He obeys the rules and regulations provided by his
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The first hints of his rebellion surface when he hides books in his home. His wife completely disagrees with this and fears that he will get them killed. Though he is put in danger by his actions he is steadfast in his search for the truth. Once he begins to question the authorities he becomes even more determined to alter his ways so that he can be a source of positive change for others who are willing to join him. As Montag is becoming more and more rebellious, he finds a confidant in Faber. Faber was once a college professor but lost his job when things started to change and books were burned. Though he is somewhat of a coward who does not want to rebel due to the fact that he does not want to face the consequences, he is a big help to Montag as he evolves. Montag is forced to burn his own house down and it seems as if all is coming to an end. At
this point, he has lost his friend, his job, his relationship with his spouse, and his house. Despite all of these things, he continues on. He reaches the climax of his change from a brain washed conformist to a justice seeking citizen when he seeks revenge on his fellow firefighters, mainly his captain Beatty. Montag kills Captain Beatty and the city goes up in flames, though not by his hand. He seeks refuge with some squatters in the woods on the outskirts of the city who discovered their rebellious side just as Montag had. The novel ends with Montag
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