Evolution of Healthcare Informatics Essay

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Evolution of Healthcare Informatics
The evolution of healthcare informatics all deprive from increased technology that would allow the medical professionals to access needed and patient records and also be able to update, record, revise and better understand patient needs in order to perform and provide excellent customer service or patient satisfaction . Also, given that paper records are so easy to come across, being able to secure patient privacy records allows the health organization to be more secure as a whole. Mailing important information can sometimes take up to a week for the receiver to get the information, but with health informatics with just a click of a button, information is transferred and received. Before the
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That is why it is so important for us to keep our own file and be knowledgeable in our healthcare so we don't rely on some physician's lack of information.
It is so great to see our physicians using electronic records in their offices. I like that my physician gives me the option of printing everything off for me or putting it on an electronic device with a secure password prior to my leaving. This is very helpful especially if you are seeing another specialist. I have also found that my parents are now able to read their instructions from their PCP since he is no longer hand writing things. This is certainly a time saver and a safety mechanism.
The reasons that we have not yet achieved in uniform system are so many including system differentiation and technical matters, each vendor may use different program with different coding and different terminologies. Also another issue is the cost of having hardware and tools that operate successfully, and training the employees. All these issues are making difficult in having uniform system in healthcare informatics. Another reason why we have not achieved a system of interoperatabilty has to do with changing technologies and cost. I don't necessarily believe it's the fast changing technology, but the need to improve upon that technology for the best system available. With any product, the larger organizations will obtain it first. Until they make a
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