Evolution of Human Resource Management

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GUEST EDITORS’ INTRODUCTION GROWTH AND GLOBALIZATION: EVOLUTION OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES IN ASIA ARTHUR YEUNG, MALCOLM WARNER, AND CHRIS ROWLEY In this introductory note, we offer an overview of how human resource management in Asian countries and corporations is evolving in the face of rapid business growth and integration into the global economy and we describe how the articles in this Special Issue contribute to new knowledge and insights regarding key issues, challenges, and evolution in the field of HRM in Asia. Driven by the combined forces of rapid gross domestic product growth in many Asian economies and their further integration into the global business arena, firms in Asia are in constant flux, no matter whether…show more content…
One of us recently had an opportunity to interview more than 20 CEOs of leading multinational corporations (MNCs) in China, asking them one simple question: “What are the most critical issues that affect the success of your company in the PRC?” While some respondents mentioned relationships with headquarters, business model innovation, branding, supply-chain management, and so on, talent was by far the most consistently and frequently cited factor that would critically affect their aggressive business aspirations. As companies in many emerging economies have been growing at a rate of 20–50 percent in sales volume every year, the ability to attract, retain, develop, and engage high-caliber talent to support their business growth while simultaneously deepening their competitive edges in innovation, services, or quality presents one of the greatest business challenges not only for MNCs, but also for local privately owned and state-owned firms. How do HRM systems in Asian countries evolve as these economies experience such (perhaps unprecedented) rapid growth and global integration? What challenges, issues, and opportunities are Asian firms facing in order to better utilize human resources for sustained business growth and competitiveness? These two key questions about HRM in Asia, both at the country and corporate levels, are the focus of this Special Issue. By having
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