Evolution of Private Security

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How private security has evolved, from its roots in Feudalism to its current state, and include supporting explanation.
Security has always been a constant preoccupation of human being. During times following the fall of the Roman Empire, there were no longer authorities to maintain order and security problems begin to arise. Governments could no longer ensure the security of the population and people began to organize their own security. That is the feudalism. Feudal society was based essentially on security and protection as it is said in (chap 2, P.32) ‘’ in early England, feudalism provided a very high degree of security for both the individual and the group’’. Lords became the primary providers of security. The system was that the
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The American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) is today’s main association of private security. The year of 1955 is considered the beginning of the modern age of security. Private security was needed everywhere, in hospitals, hotels, retail etc… as stated in (chapter 2, P.38) that ‘’ Retail establishments, hotels, restaurants, theaters, warehouses, trucking companies, industrial companies, hospitals, and other institutional and service functions were all growing and facing a serious need to protect their property and personnel’’. After the events of 9/11, private security agencies were required to play more roles in crime prevention. Private security agencies were required to review and standardize their method of training and to review the pay of employees. Lot of recommendations have been made to improve the education and training, above all the extension of training time. Compare and contrast three or more stages in the evolution of private security.
During the feudal period, the notion of security was already important. A King or an overlord guaranteed the security of his vassals and in return, his vassals should provide him soldiers or means in a situation of danger. The system was like ‘’ I help you and you help me in case of need’’. The security was the responsibility of everybody, and if somebody shouted for help for example, all
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