Evolution of Video Games

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1. INTRODUCTION: 1. a What is Video Game? Video game is an electronic game seeking human interaction through an engaging user interface that is being fetched by a video device. Traditionally the term video in video game is referred as a raster display device, but it now implies any type of display device [monitors, TV etc] that can produce two or three-dimensional images. 1. b How does it work? The electronic systems used to play video games are referred to as platforms. The most famous platforms are personal computers and video game console while the platform ranges from large mainframe computers to small devices. The game utilizes a device referred as a game controller, which varies according to platform, to make the users play the…show more content…
Game developing organizations such as Electronic Arts took advantage of this situation and developed several games for the PC. In 1971, Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium produced a computer game called The Oregon Trail to teach school children about the realities of 19th century pioneer life on the Oregon Trail. This provided a different perception over the video games. This game depicted a landmark on the gaming industry and created interest among developers to come up with games that could provide knowledge to gamers. Quizzes, GK games started reaching the market. Computer game developers utilized this market hit as an opportunity to attract gamers with several types of games. People started seeing the computer as a valuable device with which one could learn new things quickly. In 1982, the first ever game featuring networked game play was developed by a group referred as Superset Software. The group developed applications like Snipes, Maze War, Doom etc to enable online gaming and multiplayer facility to gamers. Games being developed made gamers think, learn and at the same time enjoy it to the fullest. 3.c The comeback of video game consoles: In 1983, Family Computer in Japan released a video game console named Nintendo. It provided a platform for presenting the video games visually appealing. The advancement shown in the video games using Nintendo took the video
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