Evolution of Women's Rights in the United States

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Introduction A careful study of American history clearly demonstrates that for quite a long period of time, men have generally had more rights than their female counterparts. The denial of equal rights in this case has traditionally revolved around areas like voting, ownership of property, legal identity etc. Today, the various rights women enjoy are as a result of the bitter struggle those who came before them went through so as to secure the same. Thus taking into consideration the numerous rights women enjoy so far in comparison to the situation a century or so ago, one thing remains clear it has been a long journey. With that in mind, a discussion of the evolution of women's rights in the U.S. is not only relevant but also timely. The Enlightenment Era In basic terms, Mary Wollstonecraft remains one of the most prominent women's rights activists of this period. The general feeling amongst most people during the enlightenment period was that by default, authority belonged to men. However, it is also during this period that a number of people started questioning this widespread notion. One of those who were uncomfortable with the role assigned to women at the time was Wollstonecraft. In seeking to redress the prevailing inequality, Wollstonecraft penned a text titled Vindications of the Rights of Woman. Although this was not the only text Wollstonecraft penned during her lifetime, it ended up becoming one of her most popular works. As Women's History in America

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