Essay about Evolution of a Man

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Evolution is a slow, tedious process that has been going on for thousands of years. Evolution can happen in places such as the world itself, in plants and animals, and of coarse in the human being. In a specific case of evolution a man named Macbeth went through some drastic, life changing events that caused him to evolve into a different person. Macbeth evolved from being a moral man who was very hesitant to murder his cousin to a reckless murderer who would kill anyone who crossed his path. Macbeth had a terrible hunger for power, a ongoing paranoia, and the idea that he had gone too far with his murders that he could never turn back, all these factors contribute to Macbeth’ s slow evolution to an out of control murderer. Macbeth…show more content…
Macbeth wants so desperately to remain king that he begins to kill anyone and anyone who may pose as a possible threat to his reign. Macbeth became so blinded with his power that he ended up killing innocent people without the slightest though of regret. After Macbeth killed his cousin Duncan he became overwhelmed with guilt and paranoia. Shortly after Duncan’s death Macbeth stated how he couldn’t wash the blood off his hands, which shows his original reluctance to this murder. After time however, Macbeth’s state of mind began to go into a sheltered almost mad paranoia, which drove him to commit a number of unnecessary, reckless murders. Macbeth evolves into a reckless murderer in one other very important way, he felt that he had no other option. He is quoted saying that he was in too deep in the river of blood to ever turn back. This statement obviously shows how Macbeth felt helpless to this situation, he felt that his fate was locked into place and no matter how hard he tried he could not change the fact that he had become an uncontrollable murderer. Macbeth felt as if he was in too far over his head and fro every time he murdered someone else he waded deeper and deeper into this so called river of blood. Evolution is a process that has been occurring for thousands of years, evolution of the planet of the creatures living on it and most importantly the species we have come to call man. These forms of
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