The Evolution Of Cell Phones

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The beginning of the era of mobile technology started forty years ago with the first call from a cell phone. Martin Cooper, vice president of Motorola, walked out of a Manhattan building and made the first cellular network call from a DynaTAC phone. The first call was made to Bell Labs, Motorola’s largest competitor in the mobile marketing business. (Cheng, 2013) Cooper’s phone call started a trend in which technology constantly evolves. From the Motorola DynaTAC to the iPhone 5S, the mobile phone has evolved since the large, bulky device made in 1973. The very first cell phone was released to the public in 1977, and two thousand people were given free trials of the new technology. These cell phones did not have the capability to text or play apps. These devices were simply made for calling. (History of Cell Phones, 2011) The phones were approximately four times the size of the current iPhone, yet lacked almost all the features today’s cell phones boast. Cell phones were in high demand with only one company currently making the devices. By 1988, there were fifty-four different places in the United States where cell phones were able to be purchased. (History of Cell Phones, 2011) Entering into the ninety’s, cell phones obtained new features. In 1992, the first commercial text message was sent form a cell phone. The message contained one phrase, “LOL.” Two years later, Tetris was made available to play on cell phones, becoming the first game to ever be played on a phone.
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