Evolving An Invasive Species Analysis

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Evolution Essay Since the Earth’s birth, this is about 4.6 billions years ago animals have faced massive obstacles in sustaining life due to unforgiving environmental conditions. As a result, only few animals have survived while the other 99.9% have became extinct (Deep Time 2001). The mechanism that allowed the 0.1% to outlive the unfortunate is evolution. In a broader picture, it can be described as a change in a population’s appearance over generations. More specifically, evolution it is a change in the genetic makeup of a population over time that is a consequence of mutations, crossing over, or independent assortment. Moreover, this change brings about a positive impact in the population as seen in Finches, which evolved to have stronger beaks in response to harder foods (Yoon 2007). The spread of stronger beaked finches was a product of natural selection; a process by which better-adapted animals survive to produce offspring, while other animals lacking certain advantages will not…show more content…
This article addresses the problem of invasive species, which has threatened native species all over world like the Everglades, South Africa, and the northeast region the United States (Evolving an Invasive Species 2014). Likewise they have caused billions of dollars in damage, and serious environmental destruction to the habitats they invade. This article proposed that evolution could assist in determining what introduced species will become harmful invasive species. In the end they discovered species with high phylogenetic diversity are more likely to be invasive than species with low phylogenetic diversity (Evolving an Invasive Species 2014). In all, this discovery is important because when a problem arises in a habitat and a biological organism is being proposed as a solution we can now analyze the organisms evolution to conclude if it will have a beneficial or detrimental affect on the
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