Evolving Hr Roles In Indian Mncs. Dr.Zuhaib Ahmad, . Post

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Evolving HR Roles in Indian MNCs
Dr. Zuhaib Ahmad,
Post Doctoral Research Scholar.
Department of Business Administration,
AMU, Aligarh
E mail: zuhaib92@gmail.com

Mohd. Salman,
Research Scholar
Department of Commerce,
AMU, Aligarh
E mail: mohd.salmanamu@gmail.com
In this Study review of literature is carried out regarding HR Roles in Indian MNCs. Some literature is also reviewed to understand the relationships among HR roles and to increase our understanding on how these HR roles are evolved, further various HR topologies are reviewed and the study tries to capture till date literature in the area.
Keywords: HR roles, Internationalization, MNCs

1.0. Human Resource Management: Recent Trends
Internationalization is examined
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In recent years, HR roles have assumed significance as an important domain of research. Dowling and Schuler (1990) have argued that the function has moved away from an administrative housekeeping role to one that makes a major contribution to strategic planning and design of the organization. This argument is in line with other researchers (e.g. Beatty & Ulrich, 2001; Caldwell, 2003; Collings, 2006; Lemmergard, 2006). Therefore the focus of the HR managers must be on the strategic issues if they have to become a part of management of the organization in a more holistic sense. Apart from these studies conducted on HR roles in the West, there is a growing need to determine the readiness of the HR professionals to play more strategic roles especially in the context of Asia (Bhatnagar & Sharma, 2005; Chen et al., 2003; Selmer & Chiu, 2004; Khatri & Budhwar, 2001). Although HR roles have been studied comprehensively by several researchers (e.g. Dyer, 1983; Schuler, 1990; Beer, 1997; Ulrich, 1997; Carroll, 1991; Jackson & Schuler, 2000), a number of researchers have explored the transformations in these HR roles in recent times (Azmi 2008; Beatty & Sheniener 1997; Beatty & Ulrich 2001; Bowen et al., 2002; Caldwell 2003; Collings 2006; Scullion & Starkey 2001; Novicevic & Harvey 2001; Sheehan, 2005).

1.1. Roles of Human Resource Managers: Overview
According to the role theory (Katz & Kahn, 1978), organizations are open

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