Evolving Perspectives On The Ethical Treatment Of Prisoners

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Part of the reason that prisons and the treatment of prisoners has gain so much attention is there are extreme cases available in which governments have gone so far as to torture inmates in hopes of gaining intelligence information generally in regards to terrorism activities; more specifically, Guantanamo Bay in Cuba has received substantial amounts of press and has been a central political issue. However, beyond torture and the ethical issues inherent in the practice, there are countless of issues that are present in the treatment of a wider population of prisoners who are incarcerated for things other than national security. The United States is often used as an example for such discussions because it has the largest prison population in the world; both in terms of the total population as well as the proportion of prisoners to the total population. The United States has a bigger prison population than the whole of China despite the fact that it has only a fraction of the total population. It also holds a greater percentage of its population in incarceration than any other country in the world as well including such nations such as Russia, North Korea, or even Iran. Furthermore, the United States still practices the death…

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