Evolving Practice Of Nursing And Patient Care Delivery Models

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Evolving Practice of Nursing and Patient Care Delivery Models Nurses are important contributors to the attainment of evolving patient-focused care delivery models. Nurses’ training, talents, experiences, and professional opportunity make them vital to the execution of these processes. The focus on nursing is evolving and extending just like the nurse’s main role in patients’ wellbeing and welfare. This essay will address how the increasing role of U.S. nurses in an evolving health care framework will be significant in giving quality patient care in the post ACA period. Evolution of Nursing and Patient Care As healthcare modification conveys intricate changes to the healthcare structure, IOM report of future of nursing has made firm suggestions for nurses in readiness for these progressions. Made effective by the campaign for action, these proposals incorporate nurses progressing in their vocation to take new positions, accountabilities, and leadership roles in a reformed healthcare framework. PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010) procurements bolster nurses with education loans, association programs, instructive awards, nurse retaining programs, increments in nurse’s pay, funds for patient centered outcomes, and so on (Stokowski & Rowe, 2010). PPACA addressed four evolving care delivery models in specific; those are the Accountable care organization, Continuum of care, the nurse-managed health center, and the medical or health home (ANA, 2010). Each
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