Evolving Practice of Nursing and Patient Care Delivery Models

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Evolving Practice of Nursing and Patient Care Delivery Models: Healthcare is one of the greatest growing professions across the globe because of the increase in population, rising healthcare costs, and increase in the demand for nurses. As the United States continues to focus on restructuring its health care delivery system, the practice of nursing and its professionals will continue to play an important role. As a result, there are huge expectations that more nursing jobs will become available in the community while they will be less available in acute care hospitals. These factors will contribute to the growth and shift of the practice of nursing that will contribute to numerous changes in patient care delivery methods. One of the major changes or growth of this profession is the demand for nurses as the health care delivery scheme is shifting contributing to the demand for nurses, especially those with higher education. The demand in nurses will be accompanied by the expansion of the nursing role since nurses are moving to an increasingly growing role of health instructor and provision of more direct care to patients (Main, 2011). The expansion of the nursing role is mainly attributed to the fact that physicians are spending less time with patients despite of the rising healthcare costs. Given that the demand for nurses is expected to grow in the future and the expansion of the nursing role, there is likelihood for numerous changes in the training of these
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