Exactly How Special are Special Operation Forces?

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Exactly How Special are Special Operation Forces? In 1987, the US Special Operation Command was established in order to carry out classified missions which includes gathering intelligence, capturing high-value targets, and training foreign troops (Turse). Each branch of the military have their own special operations force that operates under the command of Special Operation Command. Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, SFOD, and Green Berets are the few special operation forces that part of Special Operation Command (Turse). The expansion and the increase use of US Special Operation Force would allow special operators to continue to conduct operations in global hotspots, to train with their international partners more often, and to respond to a…show more content…
For example, the United States and South Korea conducts a training exercise called Foal Eagle every year. The goal of this training exercise is to enhance each other their capabilities (Hanly). US Special Operation Force train with South Korean Special Forces on guerilla warfare, infiltration, and night and maritime operations (Hanly). They also conducted a training exercise called Balance Knife 13.1 to train resistance fighter within North Korea. North Korea have always threaten to use it nuclear weapons attack South Korea and even invade the South. These military drills prepares the United States and South Korea if North Korea were to make promise on these threats that they made (Greenemeier). When a situation gets out of hand, they call in Special Operations Force to deal with the problem. Such as, US Navy SEALs were called to deal with a hostage situation which involves Captain Phillips and Somali pirates inside a lifeboat. Captain Phillips was taken hostage after the pirates hijacked the Maersk Alabama (Axe). The SEALs left Virginia on a flight to Somalia. From that point they were deployed onto the USS Bainbridge to gather as much information to see what going on (Axe). US Navy SEALs sniper take their position on the deck and make their precision shot as the warship was moving with the waves. The bullet hit three of the pirates and the remaining one was taken into custody and awaiting trial in the United States for attacking an
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