Exages And Cons And Disadvantages Of Job Enlargement Model

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2.0 Job design in Air Asia This part will explain how the jobs is designed in Air Asia through some job design model such as job enlargement, job enrichment, job rotation and etc. 2.1.0 Application of Job Enlargement in Air Asia According to Wikipedia, job enlargement model means increasing the range of a job through combining various job duties and activities within the same level. Job enlargement model not usually as a Air Asia Bhd designation’s outcome but because of the change in the volume of task available in the the company, job enlargement model becomes very common in Air Asia . For instance, there is always a observable increase in traveller’s volume when the peak hours and holiday period. Therefore, the task volume of employees will…show more content…
The benefit of job enlargement is that it gives the employees the opportunity of to redefining a new ways to handle their business process and acquired some new skills because they have drafted the best approaches to ensure speedy and quality delivery when the job was extremely difficult. Beside that, it also definitely can increase the employee’s efficiency because each employee covers large amount of job tasks and reduces the time of submitting the job tasks to each other. 2.1.2 Cons of Job Enlargement in Air…show more content…
Employees will feels stress and decrease in the performance when handle a lots of job tasks which seem unlikely to finish. Job enlargement also lead to decrease in social interaction and increase in work load therefore decrease motivation, job satisfaction and commitment of the employees (Donaldson, 1975). For instance, it will influence decision making process and dangers the entire flying process if pilots feel stressed and fatigue when facing too much of job

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