Exam 03

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Question 1 (Worth 3 points) Read the following sentence. Some speakers decide to omit details that do not support their claims. Using the context, the word "omit" means elaborate on touch on leave out simplify Points earned on this question: 3 Question 2 (Worth 3 points) Select the word that best completes the sentence: Poe's stories are often read on Halloween because they _______________ a scary mood. evoke forsake elicit invoke Points earned on this question: 3 Question 3 (Worth 3 points) Which of the following sentences uses the word "deprivation" correctly? Some people feel it is an unfair deprivation for a teenager to be without a cell phone. The chubby baby's thorough deprivation showed clearly in her sparkling…show more content…
Explain why you chose to study this word and how you have used it in your daily life. Use proper grammar and spelling. Essay Submission Bias: I chose this word because i learned about this alot in school. After a long court battle, the firm was found guilty of showing bias against females in its promotion practices. Points earned on this question:
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