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1. Each of the following is a major category of abilities EXCEPT: - B) Creativity 2. In Deci's theory of intrinsic motivation, the enjoyment gained from task-challenge decreases when: - b) External rewards for success are provided 3. A mechanistic organization exhibits: - d) all of the above 4. Goals most likely to be obtained are: - D) All of the above 5. Many researchers have criticized Maslow's Need Hierarchy Theory because there is no clear evidence that: -d) all of the above 6. "Feedback," in goal-setting…show more content…
When discussing the expectancy theory, which term refers to the amount of satisfaction an individual anticipates receiving from a particular outcome? -d) none of the above 27. When discussing the expectancy theory, which term refers to an individual's subjective belief about the relationship between performing a behavior and receiving an outcome. -A) Instrumentality 28. In order to reduce the tension caused by inequity, an individual might exaggerate in her mind the importance of her level of education. This reaction is known as: -a) Cognitive distortion of inputs 29. Balancing integration and ____________________ within structural hierarchies is an important challenge facing managers. d) differentiation 30. According to the text, the best approach for obtaining knowledge about human behavior is: -c) A systematic approach 31. Which refers specifically to the achievement of goals? -b) effectiveness 32. People with an internal locus of control tend to: d) all of the above 33. The “big five” personality traits do not include:: -d) self-monitoring 34. The learning concept of

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