Exam 1 Review Essay

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Exam 1 Review
BIO 130: Introduction to Environmental Science

Unit 1

Be able to define an environmental factor. There are two types (condition and resource). What is the difference between a condition and a resource? Be able to categorize particular environmental factors as conditions OR resources (for example, temperature is a condition and not a resource).
Be able to rank from smallest to largest: ecosystem, landscape, biome, biosphere
Be able to rank from smallest to largest (in terms of numbers and diversity of life): species, population, biota and biosphere. Also, what is the difference between a population of a species and a species overall?
Make sure you can explain the Law of Limiting Factors. What is the difference
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see table in your Power Point and textbook).
How does the process of selective pressure influence the processes of evolution and speciation? What IS the process of speciation? What is time frame for evolution and/or speciation of complex species (i.e., not single-celled organisms like bacteria)? Can species that evolve from other species still mate with the species from which they evolved?
How are the Theories of Evolution and Continental Drift complimentary?
Be able to identify the exponential growth rate equation and the logistic growth rate equation. What are the differences between the two? (For example, carrying capacity is only in logistic growth, the shapes of the curves are different.)
Be able to describe how (in what way) each of the four human population revolutions impacted the carrying capacity for humans on Earth.
Make sure you can tell me what each of the letters stands for in this equation, I = (P x A x T)/S, and how increasing and decreasing each will change environmental impact (I).
Unit 3
Make sure you know what each of these trophic categories or food web terms are:
Autotrophs, Heterotrophs (includes decomposers, consumers), Producers, Consumers (first-order, second-order, third-order). Where do herbivores, carnivores and omnivores fit into the consumer classes? Be able

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