Exam 2 Study Guide Essay

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Exam 2 Study Guide

1. Three of the more difficult elements of interpersonal communicating are:

a. Deception, aggression, dialogue b. Deception, aggression, betrayal c. Deception, betrayal, debate d. Deception, betrayal, paradoxes

2. If people considered the potential ramifications of deception, they would often find that in the long run, it would be less trouble to tell the truth.

a. True b. False

3. Deception, when undetected, may become a burden for the deceiver.

a. True b. False

4. In interpersonal relationships, most people operate from a _________ until they discover that someone lied to them.

a. Lie Bias b. Collaborative bias
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Concentrate on listening. c. Bring the matter up when at least one of you is angry. d. Don't bring up things from the past that have a chance of making your partner defensive.

20. I can delete my youtube presentation after it is graded. a. True b. False

21. From your text, family communication often ebodies the principle: a. Everyone should clean the dishes b. I care, therefore I criticize c. Yelling d. Waste not want not

22. The “G” in Gracism stands for: a. Gone b. Grand c. God c. Gandolf

23. It is not possible to extend favor without engaging in favoritism. a. True b. False

24. Gracism can be practiced by both people in positions of power and those who are themselves marginalized. a. True b. False

25. The presentation in this course is due on Friday, not Sunday of week eight. a. True b. False

26. The late policy in this class allows you to turn in work even after the course has ended. a. True b. False

27. A _________ is meaning that is not said - at least not in so many words - but that we glean from every aspect of context including the way something is said, who is saying it, or the fact that it is said at all.

a. Message b. Metamessage c. Conversation d. Dialogue

28. ________, talking about communication assists in improving relationships by distinguishing the message from the metamessage and being clear about which one you are reacting

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