Exam Malpractice

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CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION The grace to succeed and avoid frustration and the embarrassment associated with failure have made students engage in examination malpractices and thus have threatened the very foundations of our educational system. Examination malpractices which started off as a minute issue has over the years grown into a full fledge vice in the academic world with different method of perpetuating the act being invented with the passage of time. The issue has become so popular that it has almost become a culture among the students starting from the basics (Nursery and Primary) to even the advanced (post graduate) level. In light of this one is forced to begin to ask pertinent questions. What exactly is…show more content…
This was clearly manifested in West African School Certificate Examination of 1970/1971 when all manner of irregularities ranging from examination malpractice to leakage of exam question papers characterized the conduct of the examination. CHAPTER TWO 2.0 FORMS OF EXAMINATION MALPRACTICES IN NIGERIA A number of different forms are employed by students to carry out the nefarious act. Some of these forms are unimaginable to the extent that it can beat the most vigilant invigilators during the conduct of the examination. Broadly speaking, we have sophisticated and Non-sophisticated forms of exam malpractice. 2.1 Sophisticated form of exam malpractice The sophisticated forms (modern) form of examination include the use of modern technology like computers, GSM, computerized calculator etc for cheating. The introduction of examination malpractice from non- sophisticated to sophisticated or modernized forms. 2.2 Use of micro-computer The introduction of micro-computers/high tech-computerized calculators (with inbuilt-memory card) has spawned a new and more sophisticated approach to dishonest conduct during exams. These devices are used to store Information in coded language. Hence unsuspecting lecturers/ invigilators are easily fooled since they may pass such a device for a calculator. 2.3 Use of mobile phones The introduction of global system of mobile telephones (GSM) in Nigeria has revolutionized examination malpractice in the school system. A lot
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