Exam Topics and Questions (the Final Diagnosis)

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The biography of Arthur Hailey A. Hailey was born in England, served in the Royal Air Force from the start of World War II in 1939 until 1947, Soon he went to live in Canada. Most of his novels were written in the period between 1960s and 1990s. These are Flight into Danger, "Hotel," "Wheels," The Final Diagnosis. Hailey was best known for writing "Airport. Several of them were made into TV shows and films. "Airport" was adapted to the big screen in 1970 and helped launch the disaster movie genre. Airport became a blockbuster movie with stunning visual effects. His stories are thrilling and read well. He would spend about one year researching a subject, followed by reviewing his notes and, finally, writing the book.…show more content…
Q4 Perhaps there are few people who would disagree with the statement. Moreover it should be extended to other professional areas. However giving a second thought to it most people would accept it with some reservation. For one thing it is unrealistic to expect practitioners to keep pace with both theoretical and practical medicine. They have too much daily work and little if any time for recreation let alone spending regular hours on reading professional stuff. For another thing they need to be more conservative and practiced only tried and tested methods, particularly in medicine. I am not sure about the way it worked in the USA in 1960s . But nowadays there is a national Food and Drug Agency that circulates instructions to hospitals and practitioners on the use of new drugs and methods in practice. The agency is a watch dog in the industry, First it receives convincing evidence that a drug or method had successfully passed trials and then gives a green light to new developments. As far as I know there is such an official body in this country too. Q5 He summed up his experience in his farewell words to Coleman: the phone will ring, and it’ll be the administrator talking about budgets. Next minute one of the lab staff will want to quit; and you’ll have to smooth that out. And the doctors will come in, and they’ll want this bit of information and that. That’s the way
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