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Criminal Justice 3311 Review Questions Exam 2 To insure you obtain the best possible grade, be sure to research each question as completely as possible. Try to answer these questions as if you are providing information to an individual who knows nothing about each topic. Explain your answers in detail; remember, the more complete your answer is the better your grade will be. 1. The importance of Lawrence Kohlberg’s work is the link he makes between moral development and reason. Although this concept originated with Kant and other earlier philosophers, Kohlberg provides a psychological analysis that sheds light on how reason influences moral judgments. Describe what is necessary for moral growth according to Kohlberg. Explain.…show more content…
The law becomes important. Even if the law is wrong they cant disregard them otherwise their will be socal choas C. POSTCONVENTIONAL • STAGE 5: SOCIAL CONTRACT ORIENTATION- the person recognizes intrests larger than current laws. They able to evaluate the morality of the law and feels an obligation to the law bc it benefits to societal survival. • STAGE 6: Center on universal ethical principles- the person who has reached this stage bases moral judgment in the higher law of truth, justice, and morality. 2. “Positive” law defines legal liability (or culpability), but many theorists subscribe to concepts of “natural” law. What is “Positive” law? “Natural” law? How are they different? • Natural law- the idea that principles of morals and rights are inherent in nature and not human made; such laws are discovered by reason but exist apart from humankind. Positive law-human made law. 3. Our current system of law and justice is oriented completely to the offender. “Restorative” justice is a term used to describe a number of programs that seek to do…what? What is “Restorative” justice and how may it work? Pg 67 • To move compensation back to center stage in the justice system, instead retribution. • Restorative justice- an approach to corrective justice that focuses on meeting the need of all concerned. • Its an alternate to retributive justice. The propostionns of the movement are: 1. Justice requires restoring vitims, offenders, and

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