Examination And Views On The Urban Women

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This reading follows Melissa Gilbert’s examination and views on the urban women. She believes that ghettos restrict the urban women from financial benefits due to their surroundings. This means that urban women mainly black women are disadvantaged economically due to the fact that their environment lacks economical revenue unlike where their white counterparts live. The distance and lack transportation system make them unable to reach proper areas of work, they begin to suffer what is called "spatial entrapment", meaning that ghetto that the live in is there only way of income even though the surrounding they are in has no economic value to give. In this reading we explore the African American and white women of Worcester, Massachusetts …show more content…

While networking is used as a survival strategy it also separates the masses by class, gender, and race. Gender is the only issue networking has due to spatial dimensions of networks. Decision making when it comes aspects of the women 's life also contributes to spatial entrapment. Housing, employment, childcare all have to coincide with the women 's daily life, whether they are soul provider of the household or has a partner.
Their employment choices is due to the area of where the women lives, about 97 percent of women when they interview for employment choose the job due to the location. Childcare has the same principle, many of these women need added help when it comes to childcare. The hours they work, the type of employment, and location are all due to the fact that they must provide for the child and make sacrificial choices that keeps the child in mind. Transportation becomes another issue for women, 12 percent of women study had cars, while 71 percent of the women did not have reliable transportation, or had the vehicle on occasional basis, and 17 percent never even owned a car.
The racial differences in this study showed that African American women and white women both had similar issues for transportation, employment, and housing. The only advantage that was shown in the study was that white women

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