Examination of Bacterial Content of Sea Water

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Project Title: Examination of bacterial content of sea water samples from selected sites in South East England Introduction Over the past few years coastal beaches across the UK has seen lavished with recognition for their cleanliness, by sections of the media and various organisarions. Majority of these beaches have been awarded the Blue flag award in recognition for meeting set criteria on various standard including cleanliness, water quality, environmental management and environmental education and information programme; an award ran by independent non-profit organisation Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and with similar programme ran by The marine conservation society (MCS). The general perception is that this…show more content…
The media will then be incubated par manufacturer instructions at various temperature to allow bacteria growth before been counted. While some colonies might be isolated others might still be clogged together. In these cases isolated and clogged colonies will be counted as one. A measure of viable bacteria will then be determined in (Colony Forming Unit/millilitre). Some of these colonies might be identifiable visually due to their distinct colonies morphologies, pigmentation, colouration and chemical metabolite. Other will be less distinguishable, requiring further test. To further enhance this method an indicator medium will also be used. These medium changes colour during fermentation, an indication of pH change due to the presence of acid forming species. Durham tubes will then be employed; when inverted they catch gaseous bubble formed during fermentation. The gas produced at 37C act as a strong indicator to the presence of E.coli Reasoner & Geldreich (1985). Experimental Control The experiment will be replicated and controlled to minimise any inaccuracies and error. Distilled water will be used as negative control, while contaminated sample will be the positive control to enable any discrepancies in the data to be highlighted. (Furthermore; coulter counter can be used for the initial experiment; providing the availability of the equipment and its efficiency.) The Gram Stain The Gram stain methods is then employed on

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