Examination of Clinical Psychology

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Clinical psychology is a broad science that involves psychologists ensuring the mental well-being of a patient. Its focus is diagnosing, treating, and if possible, averting psychological disorders. The field of clinical psychology applies to every demographic from young children to the elderly, families or individuals, and one’s socioeconomic status is not a factor in whether he or she should receive treatment. Clinical psychology deals with a broad range of specialties, including individuals who have been diagnosed with disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder or those who are coping with personal issues, such as being fired from his or her place of employment or going through a divorce. Psychologists in this field offer…show more content…
It was during this time psychologists learned that affected organs in the body could cause illness and possibly lead to death. Ultimately, the discovery of such scientific findings would usher in a new era of clinical psychology and render Greek ideologies a thing of the past.
Psychology officially became a valid field in 1879 when German physician Wilhelm Wundt opened his laboratory of psychology at the University of Leipzig in Germany. Wundt conducted many experiments in his laboratory, with a focus on human reaction. His intent was to study behavior in order to acquire a better understanding of the mind and its workings by using scientific methods. Four years later, Lightner Witmer opened the first psychological clinic in Pennsylvania (Plante, 2010). During this time, many professionals in the field were more interested in experimental psychology and were against the idea of human behavior being applied to clinical situations. Despite misgivings concerning the new field, clinical psychology was able to flourish and has come a long way since earlier opposition.
Evolving Nature of Clinical Psychology
The evolution of methods of diagnosis and treatment in medicine has been characterized by the gradual accumulation over many centuries of a large body of objectively recorded observations (Routh, 2000). With technology ever-changing to fit the modern standards of today, so too does the field of clinical psychology. New scientific
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