Essay about Examination of Jesus' Death

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Examination of Jesus' Death INTRODUCTION I am going to write a detailed account that examines and investigates the trials of Jesus; I will be examining the events that took place between the time Jesus was arrested up till he was crucified. I will also be looking at the roles of certain people and how their actions influenced and affected the Course of Jesus' life? THE ROLE OF JUDAS ISCARIOT On the night Jesus was to be arrested he went to a place called the garden of Gethsemane where he was only accompanied by peter and the two sons of Zebedee (John and James). Both Matthew and Mark's gospel mention this but Luke's gospel gives a vague account saying "... and the disciples went…show more content…
There is another reason Jesus has gone to Gethsemane in the middle of the night to pray with only a few disciples because Jesus already realises that he has to die and if the temple guards tried to arrest him in broad daylight then they wouldn't be taken to very kindly by Jesus' supporters and they would protest and wouldn't allow this to happen. So both Jesus and he's enemies realise this, that is why his enemies are not forcing the situation and biding their time but as Jesus has to carry out God's will he decides to give them the opportunity so he may be seized and arrested successfully. A while later Judas who used to be a disciple of Jesus but betrayed him for thirty silver pieces came to the garden with a large crowd of men who were armed with clubs and swords. The place was dark so Judas had to identify Jesus by kissing him; this was so that Jesus didn't get away and so that they arrested the right man. Judas went straight to Judas and said "peace be with you teacher" and kissed him. Jesus answered "be quick about it, friend!" When the people tried to arrest Jesus one of the disciples cut off the high priests slave ear, Jesus admonished him for that, both Mark and Matthew are in agreement over this but Luke's gospel goes on to say that Jesus said "enough of this" and healed the
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