Examination of Men in Nursing

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An Examination of Men in Nursing Abstract The main aim of this study is to find out why men enter in a nontraditionally their occupation, the experiences that men go through while in nursing, the problems they encounter that include discrimination. The other aims of the advantages that men have like the preferential treatment and promotions, the main reasons or factors that make men to stay long in nursing. The paper is divided into three distinct parts that is the introduction which focus mainly on the introductory elements of the research which include but not limited to the background information on the issue of men in nursing and the general historical information on the nursing as a profession, the reason for carrying out research on men in nursing. The other critical part is the literature review that focuses mainly on studies and works done by scholars and researches carried out on the topic under study. Methodology is the last part of the this paper and focuses mainly on the methods of data collection, methods of data analysis, the sample description and the limitations of this type of research. Introduction The government, health care employers, professional nursing organization and the educational institutions have a role to play in ensuring that there is continued supply of adequate and sufficient number of nursing in the ever aging and increasingly demanding population especially in the United State and other developed economies like Canada(LaRocco 2007:

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