Examine and Define the Concept of Supply Chain Integration Using Previous Literature.

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Supply chain integration is concerned with a joint and celebrative work between suppliers and buyers, department of joint product, shred information and common system.

To operate an integrated supply chain involves a continuous flow of information (Lambert & Cooper 2000). In many companies, a conclusion is reached by management that optimization of flows of products cannot be done with implementation of process approach to business.

According to council of supply chain management professionals (CSCMP) the definition of supply chain integration is “In essence, supply chain management integrates supply and demand management with in and across companies.”

No clear definition exists of integration (Pagell 2004). Research on supply
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The core idea or core concept that is derived from all the definitions of these fields view integration as a cross-departmental or cross-functional way of integration. The interactions mean strong links and collaboration that makes good relationships which are internal to the company and relationships with external organizations. Open communities and sharing of information supports these integrated interactions.

Integration is basically a very broad concept that is used to explain a variety of department’s and firm’s structural linkages, e.g. a firm can integrate various elements of operations internally or externally. These elements could not be intangible like information and relationships or can be tangible like flows of products etc. the introduction of various integration soft wares have created complexity, managers have several different questions as which type of integration they should focus, which actions they should take and what type of procedures they should follow. So for a very effective research a very simple and meaningful integration definition is required.


Supply chain integration has essential elements which were revealed by literature review. Based on the combination of existing literature, it is concluded that the two most basic and crucial elements of supply chain integration are connectivity and simplification. The importance of these two