Examine the Extent of and Reasons for Family Diversity in Today’s Society

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When it comes to family, there was no way to define such a word. Post-modern society has allowed for the diversification of the family structure, bringing today’s society further away from the idea of the ‘ideal’ family. According to Modernist theory, the ‘ideal’ family also known as the nuclear family consists of two parents (both sexes) and a small amount of children. In this type of family (it being the only type seen as acceptable at this time) the father had the ‘instrumental’ role, meaning that he was responsible for looking after the family’s needs on a financial basis. The mother had the ‘expressive’ role which meant she was responsible for caring after the family needs on a physical and emotional basis, this also included…show more content…
Because the Rapoports were writing in the 1980's the Rapoports failed to recognise sexual diversity. Same sex relationships have become much more open since the 1980s and increased use of technology such as IVF has made an increasing variety of family types possible. Unmarried couples would have been forbidden in the 1900s. Murdock (1949) definition of a family was 'a social group characterized by common residence, economic cooperation and reproduction. It includes adults of both sexes, at least two of whom maintain a socially approved sexual relationship and one or more children, of the sexually cohabiting adults'. Murdock mentions a 'socially approved sexual relationship', in the 1900 this would consist of two married partners. Since the 1900s there have been many changes to the way society looks at marriage. In today society less people are marrying. It is said that in next 25 years the number of adults that don't marry will raise by almost half. However in 2005 4 in 10 marriages were remarriages, this could leave to 'serial monogamy' meaning a pattern of marriage - divorce - remarriage. The age of marriage as raised by seven years between 1971 and 2005, this is another change in the pattern of marriage. Reasons for this may be because the attitude towards marriage has changed. There is no longer pressure to marry; in result of this individuals have more freedom to choose the type of relationship
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