Examine the Importance of Demographics and Physical Infrastructure

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Thorr Motorcycles: Perceptual Map Marketing
Gary Phillips
University of Phoenix
Thorr Motorcycles: Perceptual Map Marketing
Molded and marketed as Thorr Motorcycles, attributes were modeled after the Norse God of Thunder, Thor—strong, honest, and simply reliable product design, and loyal customers lived a lifestyle of freedom, mobility, and masculinity. Successful marketing, which promoted high- end motorcycles as an integral component of one’s lifestyle had served the purposes for sustaining Thorr with a 40% market share—iconic brand devotion (Apollo Group Inc., 2008).
Over the past months, sales have been waning largely because of changing market demographics —aging customer base, younger generations influx, and competition.
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How will marketing strategies placed into action effect other aspects of the corporate environment—internally and externally in the marketplace of many eyes and ears tuned in on marketing strategy position and consumer perceptions influenced by segmentation into changing demographics offering new products aimed at younger customers. Will a less expensive new model with enhanced financing opportunities and expanded services erode customer perceptions of Thorr Motorcycles losing touch with a commitment to excellence in quality?
The evidence revealed that a different segment— younger individuals influenced by price more so than the aging customer base that has buoyed Thorr’s success over the years is fueling the growing motorcycle market. The younger generation could not care less about the brand image of Cruiser Thorr, let alone purchasing one, which is way out of the preferred price range. For these reasons and the fact that Cruiser Thorr is in stage four of its product life cycledeclining sales—the marketing plan should launch a brand new product, one that sustains the corporate core value of commitment to quality excellence and offers the new market niche affordability, financing options, and enhanced services. This will require a differentiation in the marketing mix.

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