Examine the Online Shopping Behavior Among Students

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Nowadays, Internet is not only a networking media, but it is also used as a means of transaction for consumers at global market. The Internet is becoming popular in Malaysia, as it is a virtual place where people share their ideas, build communities, shape the future democratically, and promote a new way of doing business. The Internet is the world’s biggest shopping mall that allows enterprises to do their business with low cost involved, yet covering global market. The usage of Internet has grown rapidly over the past years and it has become a common means for delivering and trading information, services and goods.
According to the survey by A.C.Nielsen (2007), more than 627 million people in the world have
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So, to understand the driving forces toward online shopping and their relationship with attitude, it is important to recognize how students make their online shopping.
Consumer shopping behavior is strongly influenced by consumers’ characteristics. In addition, attitudes serve as the bridge between consumers’ characteristics and online shopping behavior. As mentioned by Defeng, Bingchuan, and Li (2006) attitude towards online shopping is influencing by demography factors, such as gender, age and income. In addition consumers have different personality, which may influence how they perceive their online shopping behavior (Wolfinbarger & Gilly, 2001).
Finally, opportunities of online shopping can be restricted by internal and external constraints on behavior (Karami, 2006). It is important in explaining human behavior since an individual who has the intention of accomplishing a certain action may be unable to do so because his or her environment prevents the act from being performed. Moreover, there are some barriers which have contributed to the unwillingness of Malaysians to shop online because they afraid their personal information will be stole or misused by others (Haque et al., 2006). Despite the high potential of online shopping in Malaysia, there is still a lack of understanding concerning the online shopping and its impact on marketing (Chua, Khatibi, & Ismail, 2006). Consequently a framework is
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