Examine the Reasons for, and the Effects of Changes in Family Size over the Past 100 Years

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Examine the reasons for, and the effects of changes in family size over the past 100 years There are many reasons for changes in family size over the past 100 years. Family size has been changing in all of the world’s industrial societies. One of the main reasons of changes in family size is that divorce rates have increased dramatically. This can be seen by figures showing that in 1950, there were 40,000 divorces across England and Wales and in 2005 there 153,399 across the same area. The increase in divorce has led to more reconstituted families, singlehood and single parenthood, therefore the family size has generally decreased apart from in cases where reconstituted families have been formed. This increase in divorce is due…show more content…
He also found that relatives continue to be the main source of informal support in all social classes. The effects of there being more extended families is that in some areas of the world there is an ageing population, which can also mean that there are more empty nest families, these are families where the children have left home and it is just the elderly parents living in the home. An example of extended families can be found in South Asian families, here the family is vertically extended. In one household there is a man, his sons and grandsons, their wives and any unmarried daughters, this would make a family relatively large. Living like this means that kinship ties a strong and it also causes the younger generations to change their behaviour as the family would be quite ‘old fashioned’, which causes them to stay living with their family and increasing family size in Southern Asia. An increase in single sex couples has also changed family size. Single sex couples have recently become more commonplace. Some think that these types of households should be seen as constituting families. The increase may be part of wider social changes in which we culturally prioritize individual choice and the acceptance of diversity. The increase in single sex couples can either decrease or increase family size as they may not/may have children from previous relationships or they could have children through IVF, surrogacy and adoption/fostering. In 2005, Sasha

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