Examining My Own Personal Relationship With The Lord

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Analyzing how God interacts and relates to his people allows me to examine my own personal relationship with the Lord. I think there is a significant misconception regarding the value of the Old Testment in the modern-day believers life because there is so much content that appears in the text that is applicable to my own life. Nonetheless, it is also important to interpret the text by first knowing the contextual circumstance of each scripture and by reading the Word holistically in order to acquire a more comprehensive appreciation for what is being communicated. Reading through the Old Testament, I noticed various overarching themes that allowed me to better understand the interpretive meaning of the text. One underlying theme is the…show more content…
Admittedly, the quality that I dislike most about myself is the tendency to revert to past sins despite the fact that I am aware that it is wrong. Sometimes it seems as if I struggle primarily with the same exact sin and just cannot seem to break free from the same repetitive temptations. Similarly, God’s people consistently fell victim to many sins of their own. God has to constantly remind His people to stray away from transgressions such as, idolatry, perversion, oppression, adultry, social injustice and religious ritualism, which they know are disobedient actions that are contrary to the creator’s inentions. 2 Even though His people continue to act disobediently, God is patient and remains faithful to His promise. In a way I am conforted by the Lord’s unconditional love and steadiness, because I am reminded that no matter what events take place in my life, God is in control and His purpose will be fulfilled. However, although I think that taking too much comfort in the grace and mercy of God can be a detriment to my relationship with the Father. As mentioned earlier, we see how God displays His grace and mercy for His people abundantly. However, we also see that God is a jealous and righteous God and will punish those who continue to disregard His position as the Almighty. Something that I found both particualrly interesting also relevant to this issue, is the way in which God uses the prophets to both warn and punish the disobedient. In the book
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