Examining Organizational Development and Business Strategy: Case Study of Skoda

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Skoda Case Study Abstract This paper basically focuses on examining organizational development and business strategy based on a case study of Skoda Company. The article begins with an evaluation of existing definitions of organizational development and a personal definition of this concept. This is followed by an evaluation of one of the strengths of Skoda Company and how the company can benefit from this strength. The importance of organizational development in light of SWOT analysis and strategic planning is also discussed. Keywords: organizational development, Skoda, company, business, strategies, SWOT analysis, process, and concept. Skoda Case Study: Skoda is a company that was founded in 1925 after two keen cyclists successful designed and created their own bicycle. Following this initial success, Skoda developed to the extent it produced cycles, airplanes, cars, and farm ploughs across Eastern Europe. However, the company's growth and development was characterized with the need to overcome several challenges over the next six decades. Some of these difficult times included economic depression, war, and political change. Nonetheless, the firm has developed into a global brand that provides several products in a highly competitive and disjointed market. Skoda needs to respond positively to the internal and external factors in attempts to prevent loss of sales and market share. This process requires conducting a SWOT analysis, strategic planning, and

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