Examining Social Theories On The Family

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Examining Social Theories on the Family If one were to examine sociology at face value they may not be able to identify that there is a degree of science and sociological theories that are embedded within it. Upon looking at families and their structures, there are a vast array of key theories that are used to observe their behaviors: explaining why they are the way they are. In addition, it is imperative to look at how these theories ultimately affect families. Some theories that possess the most vivid and profound explanations of family structure are the conflict theory, interactionism theory, and the functionalism theory. These theories will be explored throughout the course of the paper to give individuals a deeper understanding of how family structures can be studied through these three different theories, as well as their impact on society as a whole. One of the first key sociological theories to explore the family through is the conflict theory. The conflict theory seeks to expose the struggle within families for sparse resources such as free time, energy, as well as leisure. This competition rather than being based upon class, is grounded upon a sexual based labor division (Ferris & Stein, 2014). When there is a struggle for these resources that is where problems begin to arise within the family. Some of these issues may be abuse of the children or of the spouse. Many individuals may see families as units where conflict does not transpire, for families
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