Essay on Examining Stigmas Towards Children With Mental Illness

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Research seeks to find understanding and answers to questions. Quantitative research can provide insight, explanation, and validity to many of these. There are some areas in nursing that have been less studied such as mental health in children. With the increase of mental health services and psychopharmacology utilization among children a need has arisen for understanding the potential barriers to care that may exist. Often these barriers are represented as stigmas and negative attitudes. Jensen, Martin, McLeod, Perry and Pescosolido (2007) sought to explore the area of children’s mental health. In Jensen et al.’s (2007) article, “Stigmatizing Attitudes and Beliefs About Treatment and Psychiatric Medications for Children With Mental…show more content…
The population chosen by Jensen et al (2007) was “a representative sample of the U.S. population” (p.613). A self-weighting sample of 1,393 noninstitutionalized adult participants from the National Stigma Study-Children was chosen as the population to be studied (Jensen et al, 2007). In Jensen et al.’s exploratory correlational study, an intervention was not identified nor utilized. Interviews were conducted using a survey as the method for data collection to explore the issue and an analysis was performed to explore possible correlations amongst the variables (Jensen et al, 2007). Considered outcomes for Jensen et al.’s (2007) study were not identified by the authors. Potential outcomes considered by this writer for Jensen et al.’s study included the results showing a correlation, or lack of, between the dependent variables of perception of stigma and use of psychiatric medications and the independent variable listed in Jensen et al.’s study. The possible outcome of Jensen et al.’s research adding strength to support the hypothesis, was not considered by this writer since the interview surveys did not include questions pertaining to receptiveness or compliance of mental health treatment or medications; therefore the correlation theses stigmas may have on the providers’ ability and effectiveness to treat treatment cannot be determined. Research Design Jensen et al.’s (2007) study was not a randomized controlled trial. It did not
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