Examining Strategic Management for Chicken Delight Ltd

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AMITY UNIVERSITY MAURITIUS Course : MBA (by Distance Learning) Module : Strategic Management Coursework Title : Examining Strategic Management for Chicken Delight Ltd Date Of Submission: 23 April 2015 Lecturer: Mr. Narain Presented by: Ramdin Devesananda INTRODUCTION It is the beginning of a new era that the fast food industry has gradually breakthrough the Mauritius lifestyle. Due to the globalisation process, many fast food franchises are now available in Mauritius. Whether these fast foods have revolutionised Mauritius, today these products form part of our lifestyle and culture. People rely on their convenience to enhance their lives and productivity. But in the fast and increasing competitive business…show more content…
To cater for customer needs, Chicken Delight Ltd has set up one retail shop situated at Royal Road, Port-Louis (under the trade name of Chicken Delight. Chicken Delight Ltd is also an extremely innovative company with unique menu items, and to adapt the products more to the local Mauritian market, Chicken Delight has introduced 30 products in Mauritius. Chicken Delight Mission As stated by the manager, Chicken Delight's mission is "To provide fast foods that exceed customer expectations in terms of service, price and quality" Chicken Delight Vision "To be present throughout the island, and to be the market leader in the fast food industry"(as stated by the manager) Product Profile In Mauritius, Chicken Delight products are manufactured within international norms and quality to provide the maximum satisfaction to its customers. The products sold are Halal guaranteed. Thus whatever someone's belief and culture, he or she can eat Chicken Delight's products. Thorough study of the product line has been conducted to meet up the different tastes and habits of different people in Mauritius. In Mauritius, Chicken Delight's product mix consists of five product lines, namely fried chicken, Chips, burgers, salads and soft drinks. Chapter 2: Regaining competitive advantage 2.0 Introduction This chapter will aim at assessing Chicken Delight's strengths and weaknesses, its opportunities and threats through an analysis of its external general

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