Examining The Notion Of The Found Image On The Work Of John Stezaker

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Discuss the notion of the found image in the work of John Stezaker. What particular temporal qualities do you think the found image adds to these works? Photography has always been a way of documenting time, a memory sealed into an image and held there forever. This is a brief documentation of a place or a person capsuled in time, with the history and the memory intertwined with the image. However, as the photographs age and the decades pass, the images stay the same but the memory fades away along with the audience of that era. What happens to these photographs once the memory has faded away? John Stezaker became fascinated with these long forgotten images from before his time, and felt drawn into recreating memories of people in the images and giving them a new lease of life. A brief run through of Stezaker’s career and a study of his art will perhaps give us a clearer view of what drew him to these images in particular and why he felt the need to create new from old. Before we begin any analysis we have to question, how can a photograph represent a memory or a moment in time? According to the Oxford English Dictionary memory is defined as, “The faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information”. The photograph is a way of recording a physical recollection of a person, place or event. Nowadays, with a vast range of cheap and easy photo opportunities it is quite clear to say that the printed image is becoming a very interchangeable object. As soon as we begin

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