Examining Through American Empire By Joshua B Freeman

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Examining through American Empire by Joshua B Freeman, it evident that American has indeed integrated into an empire. In the writing, Freeman advocates that the tenure of World War I created one of the most profound legacies across the world. The legacy resulted in the collapse of countries such German, Russia, Ottoman Empire, and Austro-Hungarian. On the other hand, the author defines that existence of World War II came in with much influence to the Americans. The events within the World War II integrated America from being a collection of states to a formidable American empire. Compared to its presence after World War I, Freeman notes to the readers that at the time it was a reluctant empire with that faced extreme restraint in various…show more content…
According to Freeman’s analysis, the change in nature within the United States was greatly propelled by democratization, militarization, and diversity that has continued to enhance through the previous decades. The country continued to accept outsiders who in various ways have to continue to contribute heavily towards the economic performance of the country. At the same time, the prominence of the United States Empire is said to be highly propelled by various aspect within technological innovations. Technology innovations have strongly innovated the manner in which communication is being organized and carried out in the US. It is through technology that state has been able to improve its operations within security. The empire has strongly improved its military capability through the adoption of technology and has been able to register admirable results in fighting against illegal activities (Freeman 89). For example, it has been to thwart the existence of numerous terrorist groups across the globe. The wake of 1945 saw the rise of strong labor movements which pitched the American bastions struggle in capitalism between the dates of 1940s and 1950s. These events untangled the path of complication between employee agendas along civil rights of gender movements. Examining through the civil right lens along with the struggle in the 1940’s cold war, the U.S Empire innovates our knowledge in
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