Examining the Corporate Social Responsibility Claims of Kelloggs

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Introduction Breakfast cereals are an integral part of the British diet, and a key sector of the grocery market in the UK. The breakfast cereals market is made up of two main sectors: the ready-to-eat (RTE) sector, the hot cereals sector. It is a market that is well established and has been dominated by three main companies — Kellogg, Weetabix and Cereal Partners (an alliance between Nestlé and General Mills.) (Keynote, 2011) Together these companies control two thirds of the UK’s cereal intake, which would appear to be ever increasing. This is a trend that would appear to be mirrored around the world as although there are no official statistics available for the worldwide consumption of breakfast cereals, Key Note estimates that, over…show more content…
• Expanded engagement with suppliers on issues relating to sustainable agriculture. • Made important packaging improvements, particularly in Snacks business. • Implemented a new environmental and safety management system at Kellogg sites globally. [pic](Kellogg) Workplace: Despite winning several awards and featuring in many tables of the best places to work, Kelloggs is still committed to improving the conditions of its workplace. The most impressive of improvements this year include the establishment of a ‘total health management’ program for all employees, as well a new leadership development program. These two initiatives show Kelloggs to be a company that cares not only about their employee’s physical wellbeing, but also to be a company that is involved in the training and development of their staff. Other notable workplace schemes include the improved safety regulations and their dedication to diversity-related organizations. Community: • Donated $32 million in cash and products to charitable organizations worldwide. • Continued to donate food to food banks and programs around the world. • Contributed to breakfast programs that provided millions of morning meals to schoolchildren around the globe. • Supported a downtown revitalization project in their headquarters city of Battle Creek,

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