Examining the Existence of Dark Matter in the Universe Essay

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“Why is the night sky dark?” For thousands of years this question has been asked. Astronomers are continually growing closer to the answer but still no one has yet found an answer that is efficient enough. While scientists steadily collect data, they are hoping to find some clue as to realize that the answer may be because of something that is too mind blowing for us to comprehend. There is perhaps no current problem of greater importance to astrophysics and cosmology than that of "dark matter". The controversy is centered on the conception that there may exist an enormous amount of matter in the universe that cannot be detected from the light that it emits. The evidence of dark matter is from the motions of astronomical objects, …show more content…
Astronomers have figured out that dark matter is present due to the unusual bending of light in places where nothing but empty space exists as well as the unusual movement of stars and galaxies that can not be accounted for. The dark matter problem arose because of a difference in the masses of galaxies and larger cosmic structures. The components of these systems-stars and gas is in the description of galaxies. Gas and galaxies in the case of galaxy clusters move about but do not escape. They are restricted because they are watched over carefully by the gravitational pull from the rest of the system. The laws of physics tell us how much mass has to be nearby to counterbalance the motions. This will result by preventing the dispersal of the system. Doubtfully, the tally of mass that astronomers actually observe falls relatively short compared to further away. Dark matter is the only explanation that scientists can come up with for the difference between these totals.
Albert Einstein of the 1900s “was able to calculate up a formula to show that we can more accurately describe gravity’s action-at-a-distance as a warp in the fabric of space-time, produced by any combination of matter and energy” (64). With that being said, it opened up many minds in the world of astronomy which made it more capable for astronomers to gather up a better understanding of what this blank substance referred to as dark matter is actually

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