Essay Examining the Irish Republican Army

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Examining the Irish Republican Army Throughout history mass movements have contributed to changing the face of the world. Some most notable are that of the Bolsheviks and the Nazis. These movements and others like them have emerged as a result of the mistreatment of people, to preserve a group of people or propagate an idea or view. No matter the reason behind the start of the group, they all have one goal; the end result of every mass movement is to bring change. The mass movement that will be discussed is the Irish Republican Army, otherwise known as the IRA. The catalyst that caused its formation, a specific identification and analysis of the membership and the societal, religious, cultural, political, and national effect it had …show more content…
Beyond that, the goal of the Irish Volunteers was to “Secure and maintain the rights and liberties common to the whole people of Ireland.” In fact, this goal was similar, if not the same, only worded differently to the Irish Republican Army. Beyond that, they were also established to enforce the imminent Home Rule Devolution. Act. Now, these Volunteers were formed in response to the formation of the Ulster Volunteer in 1913. The Ulster Volunteers were founded by Protestant Unionists in the north. Indeed, their goal was to stop the enactment of the Home Rule Devolution. Act. Incidentally, the Ulster Volunteers were mainly against the Irish Volunteers because they consisted of Catholics that wanted to be independent from British rule. Meanwhile, the Ulster Volunteers wanted to stay under British rule (Irish Volunteers).
In brief, the Irish Volunteers exist to help keep the liberties and rights common to all people of Ireland by enforcing the Home Rule Devolution. Act that the Ulster Volunteers were fighting to abolish. However, during the events of the Easter Rising, the Irish Volunteers were forced to disband. After their end, Michael Collins and a few other remnants took up the mantle and rebranded themselves the IRA. At first glance, it would seem as though the IRA only exists because of the disbanding of the Irish Volunteers. What is more is that they were members of the Volunteers continuing on their goals.
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