Examining the Organisational Behaviour of Hickling's Associates Ltd

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Summary of the assignment
The case introduces Tony Azzara, who was retrenched by his previous company due to financial woes, as he tries to adapt himself a fresh working environment in Hickling Associates Ltd. Soon, Tony encountered difficulties in integrating into Hickling’s organization due to the apparent differences in the working culture. Stemming from the problems that he encountered in Hickling’s associates, Tony began to lose motivation to strive for better results. Fueled with the other problems, he resigned eventually. Three major issues – negative motivation, lack of communication and leadership style, will be critically examined to investigate the causes of the symptoms that are evident in Hickling’s organization. After which,
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2.0 Background of the case
The case focuses mainly on two parts, one being Tony’s motivation to work and the other being Hickling’s leadership. It discusses how Tony was retrenched after his previous company was engulfed with financial difficulties. Subsequently, he was offered the same position in another similar organisation, which was headed by Hickling. Hickling had a contrasting style of leadership which Tony was uncomfortable with. Whilst working there, Tony encountered several issues that made him feel uneasy. There was an obvious disparity in the work procedures between Hickling’s Associates and Tony’s previous organisation, to the point that Tony was still unclear regarding certain issues till the day he resigned from Hickling’s Associates.

The working culture that was accepted in Hickling’s Associates also came as a shock as they were deemed unprofessional by Tony. Furthermore, Tony did not engage in much communication with his colleagues, as he did not approve of certain social behaviour portrayed by them. This was also partly attributed to Hickling’s disdain for employees’ discussion regarding work issues. Additionally, despite his good performance, Tony did not receive the amount of bonus that was assured to him by Hickling. Accumulatively, these problems led to the loss of motivation in Tony and his eventual resignation.

3.0 Symptoms in the company
3.1 Negative Motivation
Tony was genuine in

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