Examining the Social Indicator of Public Spending on Education

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A nation is defined not just by geographic borders, it is defined by its citizens. Citizens are shaped by the goods and services that are available to them. Any governmental service costs money; therefore a nation’s economy - and the spending of that money - works to shape the sociological core of that nation. But how should that money be spent? One can argue that education spending is important to a nation’s well-being. During the 19th century US President James Garfield commented that “next in importance to freedom and justice is popular education, without which neither freedom nor justice can be permanently maintained” (as cited in McPherson, 1912, p.192). One way in which a nation’s value for the importance of education can be…show more content…
Not everything in Oman is halcyon; there are pressing environmental issues, mainly the maintenance of an adequate supply of water for agricultural and domestic use. The fact is that there is only “1 cubic kilometer of renewable water resources, with 94% used in farming and 2% for industrial activity [...] and only 30% of all rural dwellers have pure drinking water. Both drought and limited rainfall contribute to shortages in the nation's water supply”.4 As these environmental issues become more pressing, education spending may falter as money is put towards means of alleviating a water crisis. Culturally, Oman remains strong. Jones and Ridout (2012) make the case that "the key features of Omani social life that contribute to the formation of this culture of diplomacy…are traditions of tolerance and non-sectarianism characteristic of Islam in Oman, the well-documented prevalence of politeness as a social virtue".5 Now that we’ve examined the factors which both influence and are influenced by education spending in Oman, let us turn to Georgia. In the Eurasian nation of Georgia, total governmental spending on education amounts to 7.7% (World Bank, 2010). However, I argue that the low amount of this indicator is not out of apathy for the education of its citizens, rather political unrest is the main factor. After all, the current amount of
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